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ZODAJ x Carnegie Mellon University Gala

Join ZODAJ as we partner with Carnegie Mellon University
in celebration of our official launch at the ZODAJxCMU Gala!

ZODAJxCMU Gala is an event where CMU alumni and other interested individuals can connect, reconnect, discover how you can support the ZODAJ cause.

At ZODAJxCMU, attendees will:

  • Get a taste of just a few of the unique cultures hailing from the African continent
  • Get a glimpse of the multifaceted talents CMU has to offer,
  • Tune in further to the ZODAJ mission with our special guest keynote speakers.

We will also be holding a live auction, from which all proceeds will go towards the ZODAJ Foundation's Scholarship, Pipeline to World Initiative, and other socially elevating projects. Join ZODAJ at the David A. Tepper Quadrangle as we embark on our next steps from our home base, and continue to foster technological and holistic innovation to make change!

When Is It?

Due to COVID-19 the ZODAJXCMU Gala will be postponed to September 2020 to find out more detail contact us here.

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